The Buddha Boxers Story and Underwear Enlightenment

the buddha boxers story starts with crappy underwear

The Buddha Boxers Story is the Story of Underwear Enlightenment

The Buddha Boxers story begins with a younger me who didn’t care about my socks and underwear. I just bought the least expensive undies and accepted that they wouldn’t always be comfortable, they’d have a short life span, and the waistband would act as free billboard space for the underwear brand. But my tastes evolved, I decided that boxer briefs were more comfortable than boxer shorts or briefs, and started buying boxer briefs exclusively. I thought I figured out underwear.

Then I discovered bamboo viscose and my preference in underwear took another evolutionary stride forward. Compared to cotton, bamboo viscose absorbs much more moisture, keeping my skin dry and me more comfortable. It’s also very breathable, so breathable that I feel like I’m going commando whenever I have my Buddha’s on. Bamboo viscose is as smooth and soft as silk because it has less tiny barb-like edges than cotton.

I did some research and discovered that it takes around 20 000 liters of water to produce 1kg of cotton! Compare that with bamboo, which usually doesn’t even need to be irrigated – bamboo uses water twice as efficiently as most trees. What’s more, bamboo viscose is stronger than cotton and is compostable.

Having durable underwear that offers superior comfort and moisture absorption without providing free advertising to someone else was great. Knowing that it came from a plant far more water efficient and sustainable than cotton was amazing. It quickly became a no-brainer for me, my preference in underwear evolved once again.

When I wear my Buddha Boxers I don’t notice them, leaving me feeling a bit more zen about whatever it is I’m doing.

So go ahead, join the evolution and find your underwear zen today.

– Jason Spitkoski

Buddha Boxers Founder