Do you have free shipping?

Yes! All US and Canada orders get free shipping. Everyone else gets free shipping with orders valuing at least $80!

How long until my undies arrive?

USA: 2-5 business days

Canada: 1-5 business days

EU:  1-3 weeks

Everywhere else: 1-4 weeks

Where do you ship to?

Almost everywhere.

What is your policy on returns?

Generally, if your item is defective or doesn’t fit right, we’ll send you a replacement. Check out our returns & refunds policy for more details.

Why do you launch products on Kickstarter?

It takes a lot of time and money to get underwear perfect. To sell them at affordable prices we need to purchase huge quantities. We are but poor and simple folk and Kickstarter is a great way for us to raise money and ‘kick start’ our business (ya, we just used single quotes there).

When can I get these dope patterned undies?

We’re aiming to ship early 2018. Kickstarter backers will be the first ones to get their orders.

Is ‘Buddha Boxers’ cultural appropriation?

We draw the line if someone takes an idea from another culture and uses it to offend others, incite violence / hate, or steal patented or copyrighted material. We haven’t done any of these things, but if enough Buddhists complain, we will change our name (none have). We think cultural ideas have always been shared and adapted throughout history and there are many examples of it today in MMA fighters who use kung fu, Japanese politicians wearing Italian suits, or band names like the Wu Tang Clan or Nirvana.

What are your undie dimensions?

Hopefully this post will illustrate.

Do you have sizes for bigger people?

Our sizes currently go up to XXL, which is about 46″ for our mens. We hear a lot of people talking about having larger undies, but don’t see as many large size purchases. We want to make our products as accessible as possible, let us know if this is important to you and we will do what we can to make sure you’re happy.

Do you have men’s underwear with pouches to separate twig ‘n berries from thighs?

Not at this time. Pouch undies are pretty controversial. Some guys love them, some guys don’t. We personally find that too much fabric downstairs significantly reduces air circulation. We’ve been prioritizing bringing other products to market for now, but will look into pouch underwear if there is enough interest. Send us a message saying ‘make pouch underwear’ to let us know this is important to you!

Where are your products made?

Our underwear are made where the bamboo is grown, harvested, turned to yarn, woven, cut, and sewn. In China. This localized supply chain and expertise focusing on bamboo helps us significantly minimize our carbon footprint and bring the very best products to market at accessible prices.

How are your products good for the environment?

Because bamboo doesn’t require irrigation water, pesticides, fertilizer. And farmers can grow 40x more fabric material on an acre of bamboo than on an acre of cotton. For more details, check out our article on the subject.

Are your products available in real-life stores?

No. If we sold to normal retail chains, we’d go out of business at our prices, seriously! We wanted to make the truly best undies, and make them as available as possible price-wise, as such, they are only available online.