Blue Bamboo Trunks – Sustainable, Comfortable, Minimal


Find underwear zen with comfortable, minimalist designed bamboo trunks made from ecologically sustainable bamboo

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Blue Bamboo Trunks

You wear your underwear more than any other clothing, they’re a second skin. That’s why we believe that your trunks should be breathable and comfortable enough that you never notice them. We also think bamboo trunks should be tough enough to withstand mens most exerting activities. Our sole focus is to make the greatest sustainable underwear ever, and we take our task seriously. We’ve tried all kinds of fabrics, including cotton, modal, and synthetics, but found nothing compares to the natural breathable softness of bamboo.

Buddha Boxers Trunks Colors

“Great underwear! Crazy comfortable! And my wife loves them too – I constantly need to remind her that ‘my eyes are up here'”

– Josh C

“They’re the softest underwear I’ve ever had. What a difference over store-brand. I’ll never go back!”

– Luke P

“These are my favorite gitch, I truly think everyone should have Buddha Boxers.”

– Jason S

“I keep looking at the label to make sure these boxers aren’t 50% air”

– Steve M

Discover the Zen of Wearing Premium Bamboo Trunks

Comfortable bamboo fabric


Bamboo fibers have less tiny barbs than other fabrics, giving you a natural softness.

Breathable bamboo fabric


Bamboo fabric is so breathable, it feels like you’re going commando.

Moisture wicking


Bamboo is great at wicking away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Money back guarantee

Zen Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll ship you some new gitch, or give you your money back.

Sustainable Bamboo

Did you know it can take more than 2000 litres of water to grow enough cotton for 1 pair of boxer briefs? Cotton is a very thirsty plant that requires a lot of different chemicals to profitably grow. Growing thirsty cash-crops like cotton on arid land indirectly contributes to a variety of negative ecological consequences like the Colorado River not reaching the ocean, and chemical runoff dramatically altering ecosystems down stream.

Dry cotton field in Arizona Dry cotton field in Arizona

All our underwear is made from bamboo viscose fabric, a fabric made from sustainable bamboo plants. There are many ecological benefits to growing bamboo:

  • Bamboo uses less dyes than other fabrics, reducing the amount of chemicals used.
  • Bamboo doesn’t need any irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizer to grow.
  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making bamboo farms highly productive and sustainable.
  • Bamboo grows in a wide variety of climates, making it versatile to grow.

Designed for Comfort, Built for Zen

We put a giant effort in researching every option when designing Buddha Boxers. From the breathable bamboo fabric, the flatlock stitching, and premium waistband, our bamboo trunks were designed to support without getting in the way.

But don’t take our word for it, with our Zen Guarantee, you have nothing to risk trying them for yourself.
Buddha Boxer features: flatlock stitching, breathable fabric, iron-on washing label

We Had To Make These Trunks

Sustainable, ecological, breathable, comfortable, strong… With so many benefits, it was impossible for us to not create Buddha Boxers. Not only do you get the peace-of-mind of an ecologically-friendly, sustainable fabric source, but you get luxuriously breathable underwear with our no-nonsense money back guarantee if you aren’t happy.

Additional information

Weight100 g

Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large


Wild Blue Yonders

Return Policy

Zen Guarantee – 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. For details visit


95% Bamboo Viscose
5% Spandex

Care Instructions

Cold wash and air dry for best results


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