Underwear Revelations

Underwear Revelations

In our quest to create the worlds most amazing underwear, we recently ran another underwear survey (checkout our previous results).¬†We asked 6028 people their thoughts on underwear and underwear design. Here’s what they said:

womens underwear design picks
Womens preferred underwear design picks
mens underwear design picks
Mens preferred underwear designs
womens preferred underwear style
Womens preferred underwear style
mens preferred underwear styles
Mens preferred underwear styles

sleeping with underwear

how many undies do you own

how long do your underwear last

4 thoughts on “Underwear Revelations

  1. Hello, I would like to order some of the boxer briefs but not in the solid colors, are the prints available ?
    than you,

  2. My responses for the above survey which I missed are: 1) Cosmic Exploration 2) Underwater Migration 3) Boxer Briefs (no pouch)
    4) Boxer Briefs 5) Boxers or “free” 6) 26-30 plus (I am an underwear conseguir) 7) 4-5 years (maybe then I get all new ones)

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