Womens Underwear

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We’re making beautifully fun underwear using sustainable bamboo viscose.
These undies are so soft and breathable, they’re the most comfy clothes in anyones drawer! With fun and educational designs and prints, they will bring a smile to your face and start your outfit in style!
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Fun Underwear Patterns

We can’t wait to show you some of the patterns and designs we’re working on!
We really want to allow people to express themselves more with their underwear, so we’re introducing super fun patterns and prints for our amazingly comfortable underwear!
Socks aren’t the only clothes that can be fun and funky!

Sustainable Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It doesn’t need any fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides, nor does it need any irrigation water.
It is one of the most productive plants to farm, yielding up to 40x more fabric material per acre than cotton!
We think sustainable should automatically be included with quality products. To read more about our sustainable fabric, read our medium article.
Bamboo farm
Super Soft and Comfortable Bamboo Viscose Fabric - Buddha Boxers

Unbelieveably Comfortable

Bamboo viscose is so soft, it’s often compared to silk. It has less tiny barbs in the fabric than cotton, making it insanely soft and luxuriously comfortable.
The bamboo viscose is unparalleled in its ability to increase air circulation and wick moisture away from your skin. Leaving you feeling fresh even after a long day.
I have to keep looking at the label to make sure these aren’t made of air” – Steve M, mens customer